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  • UK Machine Movers wants to add your organization to our long list of satisfied customers! We are eager to demonstrate our professional skills while giving attention to your machinery moving needs. Visit our website for a professional quote.

    United Kingdom Machine Movers knows the benefits of having the right tools for the job in the machinery moving industry. The right tools go beyond trucks, cranes, lift trucks and specialized moving equipment. Experience may be the most important asset in the industry and you can be confident that our employees have the "on the job" rigging know-how. We are continually upgrading and training our employees' skills. At United Kingdom, we know that the future depends on our investment in people.

    Our Heavy plant transport experience has awarded us with an excellent reputation throughout the heavy hauling industry. Whether you need an machinery relocation within your plant, or you are relocating your entire plant across the country, our machinery experts are prepared for the challenge. Our project leaders not only manage the removal, transportation, and setup of your machines, but they also ensure the timely construction of your new plant including the proper foundations & pits. We provide turnkey solutions in mechanical, electrical, piping (hydraulic, air, & water), rigging, millwright services, machinery moving & heavy hauling.

    About Machine Movers:

    Machine Movers can provide all lifting solutions along with transport and all the relevant liability insurances.

    Safe and correct handling of your machinery is further ensured by a wide range of additional handling equipment including fork trucks, gantry systems and other specialist lifting items all of which are fully tested and certified to the appropriate standards.
    Machine Move is the automatic choice for companies who are seeking competent, reliable professionals in transportation, offloading, rigging, cranage, plant handling and installation.

    For more information or to request a quote, please visit our website.

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