Making The Most Of Net Directories
  • It is still very important to have your website listed in as much as possible some internet directories won't provide a large amount of traffic. It can help develop your online pres-ence, allows with your sites page ranking and link popularity.

    When seeking sites to submit your site to, listed below are good places to start:

    (1) Search engine listings, just execute a Google/Yahoo/M...

    A web service is just like a web-based phone book. It includes entries of the websites arranged by category.

    While most internet sites don't supply a large amount of traffic it's still important to have your site listed in as many as possible. It can help build your online pres-ence, allows together with your sites page ranking and link popularity.

    When looking for sites to submit your website to, listed below are good places to start:

    (1) Search engine results, just execute a search for web index

    (2)., and all provide quality index results

    (3) In boards.

    New sites may declare their development in certain of the bigger boards. You can grab free one-way listings from new directories which will later on demand for addition.

    Having selected a-list of sites, its worth checking a few details before record your link:

    (1) Always check The Pr of the site.

    The higher the greater. Site with higher page rates tend to get found more easily and are more authorative. As a general rule dont add your link to a site with no page rank.

    (2) Always check the Meta-tags.

    On the site where your link will be published, click View > Page Source on your browser. Nofollow dont go there, your link wont be found and your link wont be counted, when the programs meta tags seem like - Meta name=robots content=noindex.

    (3) Check a number of links

    Again on the site where your link is going to be published click View > Page Source on your browser. Look at the code of the few links. If you see an anchor tag with rel=nofollow you link will not be mentioned by the major search engines.

    (4) Ensure the links are direct

    Run you mouse over a few links. Your list is likely to be lost when the status bar doesnt show the goal URL and refers to yet another link inside the service. We learned about link emporor by searching webpages. Also go through the signal for a few links to double-check the link does point directly to your web-page.

    And finally listed below are a few directions for distributing your link:

    (1) Always check the listing submission guidelines

    If you study and follow the directories submission instructions, you have a better chance of getting your submission approved. It'll also save time to you by preventing a submission that is certain to be denied.

    (2) Always submit to your appropriate group.

    Most directory owners strive to run a clean, well-kept directory. Submission to anything but a related class significantly increases the chance of rejection.

    (3) Check always the page rank of the page your link will be put upon.

    Generally speaking the bigger the pr the better for you. Then publish your link there, if there's another similar class with the sam-e or less links and an increased pr. If you are concerned with jewelry, you will seemingly claim to research about PureVolumeā„¢ | We're Listening To You.

    (4) Submit to your page with as few other links as you are able to. Learn further on the affiliated encyclopedia - Click here:

    Pages with fewer links may transfer more page-rank, while future improvements may change the price.

    (5) Vary your anchor text and explanation. Search engines want it better in this way. Also mix several choice keywords in your information.

    (6) Make you anchor text-to be the key words you're focusing on and nothing else. This increases the performance of the hyperlink..

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