Social Innovation: Becoming aware about Extreme poverty definition
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    A world that is free from extreme poverty requires a strong economy. Such economy must have the capacity to produce good wages as well as good job opportunities. With the current economic conditions worldwide, it become even more challenging to fight extreme poverty. Eradicating poverty also requires a government that is able to provide energy, schools and hospitals, and produce well-nourished children who serve as the human capital in the future that will fuel the growth of the economy.

    Fighting against poverty is a responsibility that needs to be taken of the entire levels in the society. Every local, international, national and regional level needs to create valuable policies. This is important to fight against poverty in an effective manner. People are responsible for their lives so you cannot say that one is suffering from poverty because it is his fate. It therefore means that poverty it can possibly be ended.

    Poverty affects the entire aspects of life – access to healthcare, education, work, professional training and so much more. Without a joint effort to fight extreme poverty, you can never live in a beautiful world you want. The world will continue to fall and poverty will begin to prevail. Those who lead the nations are not the only individuals who are accountable for those changes. You cannot hold them liable for everything. Everyone has an individual task to do. Each of you also have a different work to perform.

    What you need to do is to make conditions that will elevate the life of people to fight extreme poverty efficiently. You also need to support them to fight in their battle against poverty as hard as they can. What is important is also for you to get to those groups and reach those people. Especially those who were gravely affected by extreme poverty. To make this possible, those available people should go to their places and establish dependable alliances. These alliance can help them get ready for the changes that will happen in their lives. These can also help them get away from their complex situations.

    It is not simple and easy to eradicate poverty. It takes joint efforts to succeed. This is not just a responsibility that needs to be taken only by country leaders because fighting against poverty is a social responsibility. Regardless of your status in the society, you need to help. It also does not matter if you are poor or not.
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    Social and individual strategies must be followed because these can greatly help fight extreme poverty. With shared endeavors and combined works, it is always possible to eliminate poverty.

    One of the most difficult conditions that people are really seeking effective solutions is about poverty. This is a common condition that are experienced by the people. In this condition, they are suffering from difficulties since they shortages of their basic needs and all other essential things is already occurring. Whatever type of poverty it is, it is always vital for people to explore more about this condition in order to prevent the consequences that this may give to them.

    One of the harsh scenario that people mayu get involved with is when they are already prone to extreme poverty situation. There are several extreme poverty definition that people need to be familiar with. There are several extreme poverty definition based from the people. Knowing this would just manifest an extreme suffering that people are really afraid of.
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    When people talks about extreme poverty it refers to a state or condition which is characterized by harsh deprivation of human needs. This may include severe shortage of food and the drinking water that is highly needed by the people in order to live. This also involves shortages in the sanitation standards needed by the people for their health. This may also include shortages in the shelter of the people. Shortages of this shelter may also affect their life.

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