Smitfraud Highjacks Your Desktop
  • Step 1 - Uninstall Any Unwanted Programs - Installing programs on your PC might be fun, but it also slows it down. This is because every program you install runs in the "background" of your computer so that when you load it up again, it runs smoothly. This takes up precious memory, hard drive space and CPU power which you need to free up in order to get Windows running quickly again. This can be done by clicking on the "Start" button (Windows logo, bottom left) > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs. In there, you should uninstall the programs you don't want or use any more.

    Is your office as dull and as boring as your office computer desktop? Make things lighter and merrier with tricks that can truly make anyone laugh or even scared. There are fake computer desktops that can be downloaded online to decoy people who love to meddle with their co-employee's affairs. Just download this fake computer desktop set it when you are out to lunch or out for a bathroom break and watch your colleagues scream in horror as a zombie appears on the screen!

    Now mark it off on your calendar (or in some other way journal or note that you completed your practice for the day). Congratulations, you have completed your practice for Day One!

    The pictures can be used as wallpaper for your iPhone. Instead of having a generic or blank background on your iPhone you can have a picture of your kids, pets, vacation, etc. Just hit the forward button and select use as wallpaper.

    You can deck up your PC screen with stunning wallpapers from the net. However, you may skip the use of online resources altogether. Instead, you may use your own pictures as your Wallpaper for Desktop Background.

    Back up the Registry: In case any mistake happens during this modification that will bring dangerous and fatal damages to your system, you need to backup the Registry.

    The next step is to find a business opportunity to increase your income, or a system to increase your value, so your dreams can start coming true!! Look for success oriented mentors and find out how they did it. They might just have the perfect opportunity for you!!

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