Learning About Popular Moves In Martial Arts
  • Several styles of martial arts were developed during the last several centuries. This has prompted a lot of people to assume that thousands of fighting techniques are in existence. Many variations of the different techniques may exist, but when you closely look at the various martial art styles, they all have several moves common to them. Unless you are writing a detailed book, it's rather impossible to list all of the common techniques in martial arts in an article. So in this article, we're going to just mention a few of the techniques that are popular.

    The two most basic punches you can expect to see are the boxing jab and the reverse punch of traditional forms of martial arts. The boxing jab is usually utilized for setting up a power blow by using the rear hand. The reverse punch has several uses with one of the most common purposes being as a means of harming the floating rib area of an attacker. Two other popular hand techniques are the finger jab and the palm strike. The finger jab is used to momentarily blind an opponent to set up another attack. As the name indicates, the palm strike uses the palm to deliver a heavy blow. This hand technique stops the small bones of the knuckles from breaking.

    Also popular are kicking moves. The roundhouse (also referred to as hook line) kick and straight kick are two widely used kicking techniques. They are common because they are pretty accurate. Compared to the more difficult kicks, these two kicking techniques usually land with higher frequency.

    Throws are highly popular too and for good reason. When you throw an adversary, you would be hitting them with an extremely damaging move. The landing from a throw is hardly a nice feeling. Among the many throws, the two most widely used ones are the outer leg reap and the hip throw. These two throws are regarded as by lots of people as "judo throws". In a way, this description is correct as these two throws are prominently used in judo. However, judo isn't the only form of martial art that utilizes these throws. Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, karate, and other arts use these two throws too. They're popular since they are easy to perform and they are highly effective.

    There are grappling techniques, which have always been popular moves. Simple Ways To Achieve Maximum Results With Mixed Martial Arts Or MMA image The wristlock, bent armlock, and straight armlock are three of the most popular point locks. These three locks usually flow into one another so it's logical they will make up the three most widely used joint locking moves. Lots of martial artists today routinely practice grappling. Consequently, it is even more important to know how to break free from pin positions. The bridge and hip and elbow escape are preferred techniques to use to get away from pins and grapples.

    There are numerous more strategies in martial arts and equally as many variants of these techniques. It is safe to say that of all the martial arts techniques, the ones included here are easily among the most favored and will remain so for a long time.

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