Yoga Towel-Instructor Recommended-For Bikram yoga, Hot Yoga. Sure hold, Eco-Friendly, slip-free - Sw
  • For countless years Yogis have exercised their \Asana\ or physical postures on a series of layered mats. In contemporary times it has been thought that the yogis did this for gentleness or convenience or to raise themselves up from the dirty ground beneath them. It in fact was an approach they used to insulate themselves from the electro-magnetic field of the earth. The ancients would layer mats made of bamboo, fabric etc, several layers thick. Gregor Maehele Astanga Yoga teacher and author of several yoga books states, \the ancient yogis were really mindful of the earths drawing energy field\, and would secure them selves appropriately when they exercised Asana through using mat layers and palm positioning in particular postures.

    Now in modern times with the benefit of innovation we are practicing many times on top of concrete, then a wood or composite floor, then a rubber mat and now with a towel on top of that mat. These brand-new mat towel toppers have been discovered to help insulate and protect the human electro-magnetic field from the earths pulling, receptive electro-magnetic field. These brand-new mats are environment-friendly, lightweight, absorbent, and cushiony, all while providing a sure grip for the user.

    A brand-new mat that fits these requirements is now offered. The ABX yoga mat towel is a non-slip surface developed by Erin Buchanan, a yoga teacher and fitness teacher and Dr. James Moore a holistic doctor and yogi from Arizona. Buchanan felt that practicing on a conventional mat (rubberized) might be not just unsafe when wet, however was not supplying enough insulation from the surrounding environments electromagnetic field throughout Vinyasa/flow yoga classes. She came up with the idea of utilizing a high quality microfiber towel with eco rubber dots on the bottom of the towel mattress topper. She likewise found that utilizing these mat towel mattress toppers enhanced her students' positioning, balance and focus. The ABX yoga mat top comes sized to completely fit a standard yoga mat width and length.

    In the interest of comparison, I attempted the ABX yoga mat topper towel side-by-side with a mat on its own. The greatest plus for the ABX towel is that it absorbs my sweat (which can be profuse during an energetic practice). I felt no concern of slipping. In the event people need to learn more on Click to keep reading about this yoga towel product, we know about millions of online resources people might pursue. In longer holds I felt more comfy, and landing from inversions was comfy. It also comes with a pocket that is best to hold some tissues discretely. As for really feeling the EMF difference I can state I felt more calm balanced and focused through my practice. Although this might be credited to my not fretting about slipping on my wet mat, I did feel more comfy on the soft towel typically however..

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