Addiction Cycle
  • If you are upset, angry, sad, frustrated, depressed, hopeless, desperate, rejected, lost, betrayed, hurt, annoyed, or vulnerable, can you use chocolate, alcohol, coffee, sex, food, cigarettes, drugs, work, substances, shopping, gambling, high-risk activities, hurting yourself, emotional outburst, partying, distancing yourself, emotional withdrawal, abuse of self, abuse of others for relief, comfort, forgetting, remembering, numbing, stimulating and then books on addiction?

    People have emotional and physical addictions of some sort inside ourselves. When we examine our entire life we can see what this stuff are. They engage in within our lives, again and again. They literally play out there for people. Our everyday life can be a happening of what's stored from the unconscious mind from our past experiences.


    William Glasser MD, in the book Positive Addictions, says: "Very a smattering of us realise the amount we choose the misery inside our lives. Even when carry out, we still go ahead with all the disastrous choice because were convinced that we don't have the strength to pick better."

    Ever thought about if you have a method out? It is possible to way to avoid it from the vicious circle of:

    I'll ... when ...
    Oh damn, I did it again!
    I'll do not be in a position to ...
    You decide on your identiity, mostly unconsciously. You can select being different. It is important to know about what is going on. Allow me to share the steps in the ego distancing:

    The stresses of life set out to build i really grab my substances of: food, booze, drugs, etc. I feel good as the stress is relieved. We have, sometimes literally, anesthetized myself, and, momentarily, I've calmed the craving.


    But I feel awful since i have just eaten a ton (fallen from the wagon, gotten stoned away from my mind, etc.) Therefore i beat myself until I'm convinced I've a grip onto it.


    so what happened. It's going to never happen again. I've a program. New kindle it right on this occasion. I will fare best, in fact Ill be perfect.


    And so the stress begins to build again. I miss my addiction. I miss the temporary high it provides me. I miss the relief. I stop thinking straight. My focus narrows. Easily will surely have one more hit, just one more time. This once. Please, please.

    For more information about ego distancing visit our website.

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