Beginner Tennis Lessons and Tips
  • The first and most important thing that every new tennis player should know is that it is important that you invest in lessons to become better at what you do. Investing in beginner tennis lessons will help you achieve more is less time, it teaches all that you won’t be taught when you learn on your own or learn from someone who isn’t an instructor. There are rules and regulations to follow, there are safety tips and proper procedure that you have to follow in order to become an expert and all of these things are what you will learn once you take up lessons.

    Another very important tip you will learn from taking beginner tennis lessons is the fact that you will learn their lingo. Yes every profession has their lingo specific to them and it would be a shame if you don’t learn any of them. Some score lingos you will learn from taking professional lessons include using the word all when both players have tied the score if the score is 30 and if the tie is at 40 then it is known as a deuce. When it comes to lingos used for strokes, you will hear things like backhand, forehand, lob and drop shots, they are all interesting and will be needed eventually when you want to go pro yourself.

    As a beginner in the world of tennis, when it comes to strokes, it is better that you start off learning with forehand strokes in which swings are taken from the right side of your body for right handed persons. The forehand stroke is the easiest one to learn as you start off because your body is open to the ball and there isn’t much technical attachment to it. The forehand is better because of the kind of control you have with your dominant hand. It is a simple protocol really; all you need is a moderate back move and then swing your body to the right as you make contact with the ball make sure it travels straight towards the net. This is something you will be taught when you go for Houston tennis lessons.

    Once you have mastered the art of using forehand, then you can progress to the backhand strokes. It is not so easy but for someone who has grabbed the concept of forehand, this becomes relatively easy. When you take beginners tennis lessons, you will be taught on how to use this backhand stroke. With backhand strokes, your both hands need to be on the racquet. The same moderate back swing is what you will use as racquet faces parallel to the net while you make contact with the ball. Always try to keep the wrists straight so that you don’t deviate from the main direction.

    There are two things that you should try to do as a beginner and they are things that you will be told to do once you enroll for beginner tennis lessons. The first is for you to play mini tennis and then the second is for you to search for someone who is a little above your skill level and play with, it brings out the best in you. As a beginner, you will be told not to worry about using too much power, just practice your shots in the service area and with time, you will get there. Learning from someone is above your skill set is great; you can pick up pointers in the process and even improve your game in a relatively short amount of time.

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